Duck Voice Features

Your Duck Voice voicemail is packed with lots of great features.

Why not check them out...

Enhanced VoicemailUse our default greeting, name of personal greeting message.
Voicemail AnywhereAccess your voicemail from almost anywhere, with local access numbers.
Voicemail OnlineAccess your voicemail from any web browser (listen/delete)
Voicemail NotificationReceive an email notification when a voicemail has been left for you
(with or without audio attachment).
Incoming CallerID NameReceive the callers CallerID Name (displayed in call history).
Incoming CallerID NumberReceive the callers CallerID Number (displayed in call history and notification email).
Call WaitingReceive calls from up to 2 callers at a time.
Call BlacklistBlacklist up to 50 numbers you do not wish to receive calls from.
Anonymous Call RejectionBlock calls from anonymous callers (no CallerID Number presented).
Message StorageStores up to 50 voicemail messages.
Message LengthReceive voicemail messages up to 2 minutes in length.
Message RetentionVoicemail messages are stored for up to 30 days.
User PortalUser web portal access to your account and features.
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